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Low Back Pain: Causes And Preventions Methods: 3 years ago

Back pain is a very common issue among people. Most people have a complaint about having it. If the pain remains constant and doesn’t leave you, consult a pain specialist to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Having precise knowledge about the actual reason and the position regarding low back pain is necessary, only then, you will be able to get the appropriate low back treatment by a back pain specialist only. The major causes of the treatment can be:


  Spinal Degeneration and injury.  

Muscle or ligament strain:  

Such a situation arises when a sudden movement due to heavy lifting, can cause strain in back muscles and spinal ligaments.  

Bulging or ruptured disks:

  Disks act like cushions between the vertebrae in your spine. When the soft material inside the disk bulges or ruptures, you may experience back pain.  

When arthritis in the spine leads to a narrowing space around the spinal cord, you may suffer from a condition called spinal stenosis.  


  When the condition spine's vertebrae develop in painful fractures due to porous and brittle bones.

   Prevention Methods:  

Experiencing back pain is common among adults. Many risk factors can contribute to back pain. However, you can deal with those risk factors and prevent back pain. We have listed 6 different ways that you can do to prevent back pain.

   Correct sleeping position:

  Research shows that a correct position while sleeping can reduce the chances of suffering from back pain while a bad position during sleep can develop back pain. A good sleeping position is to sleep on your side. Adjust a pillow amid your knees for assistance.

  Intake vitamin K:

  It is one of the most ignored vitamins when it comes to back pain. Vitamin K is essential for the absorption of calcium. Apart from taking a good amount of calcium, you should also take a fairly good amount of vitamin K for the absorption of that calcium. Leafy vegetables that are dark in color contain vitamin K. Spinach and broccoli are good sources of Vitamin K.

  Make your muscles work:

  The benefits of exercising for your body can't be put into words. It has innumerable benefits. It is great for preventing back pain. You need to make your muscles work to make them strong. It will increase the flexibility of your body and also the blood flow to the muscles. Also, it will make your spine strong that is vital for providing good support. Exercise 3 to 4 times every week for at least 30 minutes.

 Correct posture:  

There is no alternative for a correct posture when dealing with back pain. Staying in a correct posture is very important when you are having an aching back. You have to stand to keep your shoulders and head straight. Your chest should be always forward naturally. Don't hunch back while standing. When you are sitting, sit straight. Keep your spine aligned. Avoid slouching.

  Lifting objects

  When you are suffering from back pain, avoid lifting heavy objects. Seek help from others to lift heavy things. Carrying heavy weight while having back pain will only aggravate it. Even if you have to lift, use your knee as a lever. Never put pressure on your back. Stoop low if the object is placed on the floor. Bend at your knees keeping your back straight.

Strengthen your core

  Strengthening your core will help you to balance well. It is more than just building your abs and having six-packs. A built-up core will provide good support to our back. You can try doing any exercise that focuses on your core muscles.

  You can prevent back pain before it attacks you by making these 6 different habits. They are easy to follow. If you are already experiencing back pain, these habits will help to lessen it. Like it is said, prevention is better than cure. Start practicing it before it is too late. Otherwise, get the treatment at a pain clinic having experienced, knowledgeable pain specialists.  

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