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5 Conditions that Can Lead to the Cause of Back Pain While Sleeping! 2 years ago

About 80 percent of the population of New York will experience lower back pain at some point of time in their lives. So let’s know about the cause and paintreatment center then you will need to read the entire article!

The Back doctor says thatitdepends on the cause which may include injury arthritis and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia symptoms range from dull throbbing aches to sharp shooting pains. If the pain becomes too severe it can interfere with quality sleep leaving you feeling exhausted and depressed. Poor sleep can also disrupt the body’s natural healing process which can make the pain worse and keep it from getting better. The cause of back pain while sleeping can be different for everyone. Finding the cause is half of the battle to wake up the back pain treatment.

Conditions -

  1. Poor Mattress: Sleeping on a mattress that is old, or doesn't properly support your back can cause back pain and neck pain during the night. It might be time to look for a new mattress and invest in a better night's sleep. There are many mattress choices. A good way to find a mattress for you is to pinpoint exactly the area of your back pain. This will help you to find a mattress that will support your sleep positions in a way to avoid pain.
  2. Poor Pillow: If your head is situated or stretched in an unnatural position, it can cause neck and back pain. Find a pillow that will align your head in a way that your spine can be comfortably positioned.
  3. Stressed Out: pain management doctor states that sleeping soundly and in a relaxed state will allow your muscles to relax also. Tossing and turning in the night can cause back pain. Feeling anxiety or stress can cause unwanted muscle tension.

  1. Muscle Tension: If the muscles are tight then sleeping positions can add more strain to them. Ease tight muscles with massage. Massaging with essential oils mixed with carrier oil will help to relax your muscles and decrease overall stress.
  2. Back Muscles: Back pain can be caused by weak muscles that are not able to support your back or body properly. Doing back exercises and abdominal exercises will strengthen the muscles that support your back and reduce straining and inflammation. When doing any exercise, you should also carefully stretch the muscles to avoid muscle tension. Taking care of your back muscles and the muscles that support them, will greatly improve your back muscles and lessen pain.

Once you have found the cause of back pain while sleeping, you can then avoid the cause and start treating the pain. Treating the inflammation in the muscles will stop the back pain. Sleeping in a sound position will keep the strain off your spine and help to avoid injuring it. Hence, for all such issues, you must visit a pain management center.

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